Red Apron Butcher: Sunday Supper

Sunday Supper

People have been putting meat and cheese between bread ever since our favorite Earl, the Earl of Sandwich, couldn’t be bothered to leave his card game to knife and fork his way through a meal. That was on November 3, 1762. Fast-forward 252 years and by god have we (the world) perfected the sandwich concept.

Sandwich shops are popping up in DC as fast as condo buildings with ridiculous amenities. One of the newest to throw their bread into the ring is the Penn Quarter location of Red Apron Butcher located on D Street NW. This new address joins the Red Apron Butchers located in Union Market and Merrifield, VA.

However, you can only get The Best Thing on the Menu: Sunday Supper weekdays during lunch in Penn Quarter. In this messy, nap-inducing hoagie you’ll find pot roast, horseradish mashed potatoes, beet horseradish slaw and Duke’s. Leftovers should fill a sandwich more often (kind of like the Best Thing on the Menu at Capriotti’s)


Those that insist on the patty approach should try The Dino, a spicy cotechino pork burger topped with broccoli rabe, fontina and tomato aioli on a kaiser roll. It’s like a quick trip to the Italian market (pretend we have one of those).

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Bub and Pop’s: Pop’s Beef Brisket Sandwich

Bub and Pops Brisket

It would be ludicrous to tell you that this is a mom and pop kind of place. But, we just did. You feel like family the moment you walk in and receive a warm welcome from Arlene, who by the way will thank you for even the most standard of tips. This is more curiously refreshing than Schweppes. Plus, just about everything, including the pickles and chips, are homemade at Bub and Pop’s.

The first bite into any sandwich on the menu will have you wondering, hey, is a serious chef behind this operation? Yes. Chef Jonathan Taub, formerly of Pound the Hill and Adour, is at the helm of the shop named for his grandparents who started a deli business in Philly after World War II.

Only a chef could create The Best Thing on the Menu: Slow braised beef brisket sandwich with apple-horseradish cream, 5-year aged Gouda, and veal jus. The real show stopper in this sandwich is not the fried egg, which you can add for $1 extra. Rather, it’s the Gouda that comes straight from Holland. It’ll have you picturing windmills, tulips and wooden shoes in no time.

While this sandwich is scrumptious, there are several ways to be a more adventurous eater. Like trying The Real Obama, or taking on The Challenge: “Eat the entire Li’l Petey, and whatever drops on the tray, including the potato chips it is presented on in 15 minutes and you get your sandwich for free, plus your picture on the Wall of Fame.”

Bub and Pop’s completes the trifecta of sub shops located in the Golden Triangle part of town that bridges Dupont and the Farraguts. Hoagie lovers can choose from Taylor Gourmet, Capriotti’s and Bub and Pop’s. Caution: Once you go Bub and Pop’s, you may never go back.

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Duke’s Grocery: Lomito ‘Completo

Guest Post by Cassia Denton and Devin Maier

Guest Post by Cassia Denton & Devin Maier

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of Duke’s Grocery is that the Best Thing on the Menu is bound to change; the menu switches daily and is entirely dependent upon what the chefs find at the market that morning. In a refreshing nod to a truly sustainable table, once an item on the menu is sold out, it is finished for the day.

On a particular chilly night, the Best Thing on the (ever-changing) Menu: Lomito ‘Completo was a tasty pile of schweinebraten roast pork, spicy sauerkraut, smashed avocado, tomato, and garlic aioli on a brioche bun. A German take on the Chilean fave, it is the perfect ratio of pork to vegetables to bread, with everything cooked to tender perfection.

All of Duke’s sandwiches come with a hefty pile of fresh greens to balance the savory meat. Plus, pairing our sando with their extensive craft beer collection left us feeling as though we were in the German/Chilean countryside (that’s a place, right?).

The guys at Duke’s have modeled themselves after the neighborhoods of East London, where you’re likely to find global fare like an Indian curry or Bahn Mi, a Vietnamese classic. They have achieved this funky food cultural melting pot admirably, serving items like white truffle mac & cheese (gruyere AND gouda!) alongside hummus (which our Lebanese companions assured us is top notch). It makes for a unique meal. Definitely visit with friends to maximize how much of the menu you can cover in one night.

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