About BTM

About the Blog

Best Thing on the Menu (BTM) is the DC food blog where it’s fun to disagree! Adventures around culinary Washington, DC lead to posts announcing must-get menu items in our nation’s capital. The featured food may be a widely  popular dish, or it could be a true surprise with a special story.

Don’t agree with BTM? Post your favorites in the comments section. We seek to create a foodie movement that capitalizes on the community eating culture in Washington, where diners love to talk and write about food for the benefit of their fellow diners near and far.

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About the Publisher

Laura Hayes, Founder

Best Thing on the Menu was created by Laura Hayes, a freelance food, drink & travel writer who regularly contributes to Thrillist, Washington City Paper, Food Network, Arlington Magazine, Bethesda Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine and more. Her work has also appeared in the Washington Post and Washington Post Express. See portfolioContact Laura.


2 thoughts on “About BTM

  1. Hey girl hey! Totally random- but I just discovered your awesome blog and I creepily just realized that I may have seen you in person before… do you sometimes go to balance gym in thomas circle? I’m a member there and I’m pretty sure we’ve bootcamped together…

    Anyway- as a fellow DC foodie- I absolutely love your blog and will be following it regularly 🙂 Happy eating!

  2. Have loved reading your blog lately. Also, really like your mascot, we routinely try to introduce our dogs through the blog as well. Enjoy your upcoming wknd!

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