Soi 38: Ped Roti

Ped Roti

Street food is taking over DC faster than Godzilla (now back in theaters!) trampled Tokyo. The latest spot to sling open their street food serving doors is Soi 38 located in the West End. It’s a passion project 10 years in the making from married couple (and Thailand natives) Dia Khanthongthip and Nat Ongsangkoon.

We’re a bit jealous of the duck inside the Best Thing on the Menu: Ped Roti. It’s lovingly wrapped in warm, fried roti. You may know roti from Indian cuisine or even the fast casual Mediterranean spot. But, roti is also used in Thai street food dishes that you might find at a night market in Bangkok–which is exactly what Soi 38 is modeled after. The wrap filling is sweet and spicy and also contains cooling cucumber, which you’ll be thankful for after bites eight and nine.

photo 2

Another can’t miss dish is the catch of the day served either steamed with lemongrass, chili and garlic or fried with Thai spicy chili sauce. Thai spices seep deep into the flesh of fish so that you’re blown away by lemongrass and Kaffir lime with every bite. Fortunately, cocktails from JP Caceres utilize many of the same spices and herbs, so they pair perfectly.

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Heavy Seas Alehouse: Blue Crab Cake


Arrrrr you ready to add Heavy Seas Alehouse Arlington to your dining repertoire? We are, after being pleasantly surprised by everything we tried. And, while there is a certain nautical-ness associated with this pub, they didn’t go overboard with the pirate theme to the point where it’s off-putting (no talking parrot or peg-legged servers).

The Best Thing on the Menu is a fried thing on top of a fried thing for the win: Blue crab cake with a fried green tomato, tasso remoulade, and a salad of fennel, endive and radish. This dish is a nod to the restaurant’s origins in the great state of Maryland where crab is king. Heavy Seas Alehouse Arlington opened up earlier this year, becoming the second location after the original in Baltimore.

Heavy Seas Burger

Brews from Heavy Seas Beer are incorporated into as many dishes as possible including the Teddy Burger made with buffalo chili, Black ‘n Black stout barbecue sauce and jalapeño bacon. They even put beer in dessert.


The Peg Leg float is made with Imperial Stout, vanilla ice cream and just a touch of Coke to give it some sweetness.

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Osteria Morini: Bucatini


Sea urchin is a foe to many people, probably because it has the consistency and flavor of fish Fro-yo. But, the sushi preparation of placing a patty of raw uni atop a mound of rice is not the only way to enjoy this briny, spiny creature. It Japan, it’s often used to give a savory boost to pasta sauce. And in the Italy? The same.

The Best Thing on the Menu: Bucatini with Crab, Sea Urchin and Basil at Osteria Morini is a divine combination of flavors and textures. Hollow bucatini is dotted with thick nuggets of crab and smooth slivers of sea urchin all in a sweet and spicy red sauce. For a glimpse at how much love (read: effort!) goes into pasta making at OM check out Eater’s piece on Matt Adler.

This rich dish usually rings in at $21. However, if you’re a ticket holder from a Washington Nationals game arriving after 9:00 p.m., it’s yours for a $12 steal.


Let’s say you’re visiting Osteria Morini for lunch looking out at the water. Maybe you took a mental health day or are just playing hooky down at the Navy Yard before a day game. Get a panini. It’s an under $20 way to experience OM and comes with super fancy potato chips and a crock of soup to use as a dipper.

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