Teddy: Fox Hollow Fried Chicken

Teddy's Fox Hollow Fried Chicken

Happy 4th of July from Best Thing on the Menu! To celebrate America’s birthday and two of its greatest presidents, BTM visited Lincoln and Teddy in one night. We covered Lincoln back in May, but desperately needed to get our hands on a Gettysburg Address cocktail.

Congratulations to owner Alan Popovsky on a successful opening for Teddy & The Bully Bar. While the interior doesn’t scream Teddy as much as Lincoln screams Lincoln, with its copper penny floor and Mason jar ceiling installations, Popovsky and his team did a heck of a makeover, creating a historically hip space you’ll want to lounge in.

Keeping up with the times, The Bully Bar’s mixologist is certainly a mad scientist, but with an old-fashioned flare. You can indulge in barrel-aged beverages or down-to-party drinks like the “square deal shot & beer” consisting of a can of PBR, Milagro Silver shot and a green sangria backer.

The Best Thing on the Menu: Fox Hollow Fried Chicken with Buttermilk Brined, Pickled Okra and White Gravy is touted by Chef Michael Hartzer as a dish that Roosevelt would have loved because of his affinity for simple classic food. Other notables include the bison tartare, peaches & goat cheese and crab & avocado. There was great balance in all of the dishes (and the cocktails) and they put some TLC into their plating techniques.

But, small plate haters beware; these American tapas are even smaller than what we’re used to in DC. We’re anxious to see if they up the portion size over the next couple months. I doubt Teddy would want us leaving hungry.

Fox Hollow Fried Chicken not your BTM? Post your favorites in the comments section.

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