Daikaya: Pork and Brussels Sprouts Skewer “Okonomiyaki Style”

Daikaya is the latest addition to the growing izakaya family in Washington, DC. Izakayas, food trucks and noodle shops are advancing the culinary conversation that Japanese food is so much more than sushi. The only question is, what took so long?

For those looking for Japanese pub food with a twist, set your compass to take you to upstairs at Daikaya. Don’t be the next set of confused diners expecting steaming ramen and a boisterous atmosphere, which are only available in the first floor, no- reservations noodle shop.

Daikaya izakaya is breaming with originality. Upon entering you will be handed a Japanese magazine that houses the menu stapled to the inside pages. Settle in and take in the décor as you choose your first set of small plates. Though you may be tempted to order an onigiri rice ball right from the start, customarily, rice dishes are ordered towards the end of a Japanese meal in order to fill any remaining vacancies in the belly. But hey, rules are made to be broken.

The Best Thing on the Menu: Pork and Brussels Sprouts Skewer “Okonomiyaki Style” is the perfect balance of modern and traditional. In two years living and dining in Japan, a Brussels sprout never made an appearance.  However, after a bite of the perfectly cooked pork belly and a mouthful of okonomiyaki flavor, we’re smitten.

Okonomiyaki is the king of Osaka street food. The omelet pancake party in your mouth typically contains fish, shellfish and vegetables topped with a distinct sweet and savory brown sauce and bonito flakes. Before devouring your skewers, take a moment to appreciate the magical powers of bonito as it waves and dances atop hot food. Scare your friends by telling them it’s still alive.

Another don’t-miss item? Their gourmet take on sake bombs.

Pork and Brussels Sprouts Skewer not your BTM? Share your favorites in the comments section.

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