Commissary: Portabella w/ Chickpea Puree, Purple Kale, Chevre, Quinoa Risotto & Red Pepper Coulis

Commissary is exactly what it bills itself as, “Your Neighborhood Place.” It’s like the college sweatshirt you have been wearing since even before you got accepted as a student ten years ago. It’s familiar, cozy and the perfect fit for many casual occasions.

Commissary’s brother and sister eatwelldc restaurants receive greater fanfare, especially The Pig, where you still can’t walk in on a weekday. However, there are some real innovative dishes appearing on Commissary’s menu that are equally worthy of foodie applause.

The pizzas, burgers, tacos and other fare at Commissary do the trick, but these types of dishes are hard to ruin. What’s difficult, however, is creating a filling, creative, flavorful and innovative vegetarian dish that will please carnivores and herbivores alike.

The Best Thing on the Menu: Portabella w/ Chickpea Puree, Purple Kale, Chevre, Quinoa Risotto & Red Pepper Coulis can be found in the “Dinners” section of the menu.

We recognize that the photo looks a bit like a crime scene, but give the complex flavors and array of textures a chance. The brightly-colored red pepper sauce is so much more fun than a tomato-based sauce. Enjoy the BTM, but note that it does not translate well to take-out.

This BTM was recommended by a blog fan and boy, was she right! Have a dish you think we should dive into? Contact us at

It will be interesting to study how Commissary and Logan Tavern fare with the upcoming Logan Circle grand openings.  Stay tuned!

Stuffed Portabella not your BTM? Post your favorites in the comments section.

Your thoughts?

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