BLT Steak: Best Beef on the Menu

BLT Steak Wagyu

If this isn’t the sexiest slab you’ve ever seen, you’re lying. In fact, look at it in black and white:

BLT Steak B&W Wagyu

BLT Steak has five different varieties of richly marbled, drool-worthy wagyu starting with the holy grail of beef: A5 Japanese Wagyu. There’s also American Wagyu Ribeye, American Wagyu Strip Pave, American Wagyu Top Cap and American Wagyu Skirt. The Best Beef on the Menu (BBM)? Step aside A5 and make room for Top Cap. There’s something special about the spinalis dorsi that’s unique, gamey, tender and buttery. It stood out from the herd.

BLT Steak Scallop

Stopping at steak would be a crime, however. So let’s look beyond the beef. BLT Steak’s brand spanking new, uber talented executive chef, Jeremy Shelton, brings a lot of technique to DC all the way from Miami. He builds layer upon layer of flavor in his dishes and his raw scallop rivals Komi’s (sorry Johnny!). A colossal scallop is dressed in the most elegant attire – shaved truffles and green apple slivers. But, the real burst of flavor comes from the yuzu butter, which packs a punch. We’re always appreciative of Japanese influences.

BLT Steak Rabbit

Another can’t miss dish is the rabbit. Though not yet displayed on the menu, this stunner is as shiny as General Tso’s chicken and super soulful. Sometimes it saddens me to see a protein plated with its favorite foods (carrots and other shaved veggies), but I got over it quickly. After the first bite in fact. I never knew rabbit had the capability to fall apart like a good short rib.

You’re in for an impressive evening at BLT Steak regardless of whether you go for the beef or stray to other corners of the menu. Click here for more photos.

American Wagyu Top Cap not the Best Beef on the Menu? Share your favorites in the comments section.

Del Campo: Rolled Wagyu Skirt Steak

Del Campo's Rolled Wagyu Skirt Steak

Del Campo is exactly what DC has been waiting for: It’s the answer to our cooped-up in-condos-without-a-grill gripes. At Chef Albisu’s South American asado oasis, flames have kissed everything from cocktails to dessert.

In a special interview with Best Thing on the Menu, Chef Victor Albisu elaborated on his grilled cocktail menu, grilled ceviche, smoked caviar and a very umami-tasting smoked uni sauce. In addition to adding smoke to almost every dish, he also pays homage to his heritage. His mastery of meat comes from observing butchers from Uruguay and Argentina at his mother’s shop in Northern Virginia; his perfect empanadas are an inspiration from his Cuban baker father; and the fresh and feisty ceviche is a gift from his Peruvian mother.

Chef Albisu pointed out some of the most popular picks including the octopus causa and wagyu empanadas. He said more daring guests order the beef heart anticucho, which contains both grilled and raw elements. However, the Best Thing on the Menu is the: Rolled Wagyu Skirt Steak.

He got the idea for this rolled flavor powerhouse from a dish in Argentina called Matambre. Tender skirt steak is stuffed with Parmesan cheese, Dijon mustard and burnt onions and then rolled and braised. We noticed that the dish came with grilled veggies and a stick of bone marrow, just for fun. In our interview, the chef explained that the bone marrow is a gift from the kitchen that plays the roll of adding richness, like butter typically does, at American-style steakhouses.

You may need to run your mouth through the neighborhood car wash after dining at Del Campo, but the addictive chimichurri sauce, creative cocktails and ability to get the gourmet grill fix we crave will keep us coming back.

If it’s easier for you to visit Del Campo by day, Chef Albisu has launched Street Food Fridays, where he steps onto the street to cash in on the mobile cuisine craze to offer chorizo sandwiches called “choripans.”

We also look forward to visiting Chef Albisu’s Taco Bamba next time we ‘burb out in Falls Church, VA.

Rolled Wagyu Skirt Steak not your BTM? Post your favorites in the comments section.