Green Pig Bistro: Cornbread, Maple Butter

Cornbread, Green Pig Bistro

Best Thing on the Menu ventured outside the district to sample some delicious meat at Green Pig Bistro in Virginia.  After a hard-fought day of fasting in preparation for a feast, we expected the BTM to be of the pork, beef or rabbit variety.  However, after placing our order at Green Pig Bistro, we became green with envy when we saw what other diners were noshing on.

The Best Thing on the Menu: Cornbread, Maple Butter actually appears under the “Sides” column! The impossibly dense, pound-cake like cornbread comes out adorably in a hipster-farm-chic skillet. In fact, hipster-farm-chic describes the entire menu and restaurant. Oh and by the way, it comes with an ice cream scoop of maple butter that tastes like it dripped down from Canada.

The cornbread will accompany any dish with its master’s degree in sauce absorption. We especially recommend it as a sauce-mopper for one of the more creative items on the menu, “Rabbit Cake, Sweet Potato, Brussels, Apple.” A spring explosion.

The rabbit cake, and likely the buffalo ribs, will get you out to Arlington for a visit to Green Pig Bistro. But, it’s the cornbread that will keep you coming back.

Cornbread, Maple Butter not your BTM? Share your favorites in the comments section.