Glen’s Garden Market: Loxy Lady

Loxy Lady

Glen’s Garden Market is more than a grocery store. It’s so alive, innovative and community-driven that it practically has a heartbeat. Danielle Vogel, owner and 4th generation grocer, is always dreaming up ways to make Glen’s more exciting, whether that’s a run club, craft beer garden party, or even bootcamp. There are many ways to enjoy this Dupont Circle market, one of which is stepping up to the sandwich counter in the back of the store and ordering The Best Thing on the Menu: Loxy Lady.

This is not the thin, somewhat slimy, overly orange lox you’ll find at a grocery store, or even a Jewish deli. Rather, between two slices of toasted rye, you’ll find full salmon fillets, dill chèvre, red onion and locally grown tomato. The salmon fillets are brined for 12 hours before being smoked and seasoned in house. It’s super smoky and provides for an incredibly fulfilling meal. In fact, it may have you subbing goat cheese for cream cheese forever.


There’s another top way to glean the most out of Glen’s Garden Market: The last consecutive Thursday and Friday of each month, Chef Travis Olson, prepares a multi-course meal to be enjoyed around a communal table supper-club style. The stars of the meal are both the local produce and proteins Travis utilizes as well as his technique (he once cooked at the #1 restaurant in the world – Noma in Copenhagen!).

Click here for more pictures from the tasting table experience.

August 28 and 29 are already sold out. However, set a calendar alert because seats for September 24 & 25 (which are a Wednesday and Thursday this time around) go on sale September 1st at 10:00am. Visit or sign up to receive updates.

Loxy Lady not your BTM? Share your favorites in the comments section.

Glen’s Garden Market is located at 2001 S Street, NW. 

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