Agora: Mucver


Agora, a primarily Turkish Mediterranean fusion restaurant on 17th Street doesn’t get the same fanfare as its neighbors like Komi and Sushi Taro (or even perhaps Mr. Yogato).  But, this underdog has more to offer beyond serving as a place to have a drink while you wait to be called by Little Serow. The menu is extensive and its small-plate-style warrants multiple trips to the restaurant. Plus, they have great patio seating for this time of year and an interesting collection of drinks such as ouzo, raki and retsina.

The Best Thing on the Menu: Mucver are shredded zucchini pancakes with mint, dill, scallions and manchego cheese served over caper yogurt sauce. These latke-like rounds will have Jewish grandmothers everywhere saying Oy Gevalt as no latkes are competition for these perfect pancakes. The only sad news is that they’re about the size of a sand dollar, so order more than one for the table. Yes, BTM went vegetarian yet again, but we can assure meat eaters that there is plenty to like on the menu, especially the braised lamb shank with eggplant-gruyére purée. The shank is incredibly smoky thanks to the restaurant’s wood-fire oven.

Fun fact: Lebanese Executive Chef Ghassan Jarrouj served as the personal chef for three US ambassadors to Lebanon in Beirut.

Mucver not your BTM? Post your favorites in the comments section.

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