1905: Confit Turkey Leg

1905 turkey legs

Medieval Times called. They want their turkey legs back. It must be because they’re in a different category of deliciousness. These confit gams are a no contest Best Thing on the Menu at 1905. They come with two seasonal sides and pastrami mayo. The menu says leg (singular) so when two showed up, it was like Christmas in March.

It goes without saying that the meat falls right off the bone. The leg only has to catch a GLIMPSE of a knife and fork before it slides onto your plate and into the pastrami mayo, doing all the work for you. You lazy caveman you.

Known first and foremost for its roof deck, 1905 is tucked away at 9th and T Street NW, bridging the Shaw and U Street neighborhoods. It’s perfect for a first or second date because of the favorable lighting, cozy fixtures, cheap(er) cocktails and unobtrusive service.

1905 Hush Puppies

Whether intentional or not, the menu leans a little gluten free. There are spicy quinoa-crayfish hushpuppies and a bunch of sauces involving sorghum. Vegetarians can find solace too. The seared cauliflower “steak” and warm heirloom grain entrees actually give vegetarians a choice instead of a one-dish mandate.

Confit turkey leg not your BTM? Share your favorites in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “1905: Confit Turkey Leg

  1. Agreed. While turkey isn’t going to be quite as succulent as waterfowl confit, it was the best thing out of the four dishes sampled when I went there. Also, the kale salad was surprisingly good and not just an end-of-the-trend kale offering. I would strongly recommend patrons away form the hushpuppies as they struck me as very bland and very much in need of the accompanying sauce. They won’t ruin your evening, but they are so bland as to suggest their proper use is in some sort of religious service honoring self-sacrifice, modesty, and a celebration of the milquetoast.

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