Flight Wine Bar: Pulled Duck Sandwich

Flight Pulled Duck Sandwich

The humble French fry—so often relegated to the role of a caloric afterthought cowering on the side of the plate. Not so at Flight Wine Bar, where the fries are fermented. Based on the classic combo of salt and vinegar, Chef Bradley Curtis takes the mess out of it by fermenting potatoes with a simple solution before they hit the fryer.

You’ll find these zippy spuds next to The Best Thing on the Menu: Pulled Duck Sandwich with Spiced Berry Reduction and Napa Cabbage Slaw. Duck is auditioning in this dish to take the pulled pork world by storm. It holds moisture really well, and lends a little bit of gaminess.

Flight Beet Salad

The pulled duck sandwich is actually a little bit of an anomaly at Flight. Much of the menu has notes of Mediterranean and North African influences. Standouts include the sumac bronzino, squash dolmades and roasted beet salad featuring a perfect soft-boiled egg. Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Mediterranean, Whatever…all menus should have at least one bursting egg. In the case of this salad, the egg yolk replaces any need for dressing.

Flight is a wine bar after all, so if you see either of the husband/wife owners, be sure to ask their opinions on what to drink. Swati Bose and Kabir Amir can help with pairings, or challenge you to try something from a lesser-known wine region.

Pulled duck sandwich not your BTM? Share your favorites in the comments section.

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