Zengo: Pork Carnitas Rice Noodles

Zengo Noodles
These noodles, tucked away in the bottom corner of the Zengo menu under “From the Wok,” have the holy flavor trinity of sweet, sour and spicy. The piercing acidity cuts through the runny messy egg that, when tapped, unfurls its yolk over a perfectly portioned pile of rice noodles dotted with chunky carnitas and flavorful veggies.

The Best Thing on the Menu: Pork Carnitas Rice Noodles  (pork / mushroom / cashew / egg / hot & sour sauce) comes in at a bargain price of $12 and if you use your imagination you can picture yourself purchasing the noodles from a very talented street vendor in Asia. The portion is also larger than all of the other Asian fusion tapas on the menu. Visit Zengo on your way to or from a game at the Verizon Center and plop down at the bar with an exotic cocktail and a pitcher of water to tame the spice.

Zengo is a Richard Sandoval restaurant so its DC friends include Masa 14, Ambar and El Centro. He also has several restaurants in Dubai! Traveling and want to visit a Zengo? They exist in Denver, New York and Santa Monica as well.

Another notable menu item are the duck tacos, which utilize lightly pickled daikon radish slices as the taco shell, making the dish gluten-free, paleo-friendly and probably any other fad-diet approved – unlike the official BTM which is not disguising its hit on your health.

Pork Carnitas Rice Noodles not your BTM? Share your favorites in the comments section.

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